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How to Assemble the Net Kid Swing?

Here is the net kid swing assembly instruction for your future use.

net kid swing

Make sure all parts are present and place them side by side for easy identification.

Before Assembly:

  1. Take the swing out of the box and check the material. If the material is not in good status, stop using it immediately.
  2. Confirm that the supporting structure is secure. Fix the swing on two strains of a tree, swing set, or other strong fixing point or frame.


Lay down all four sections of the support tubes & rope (E)like in the above illustration.


Begin connecting each of the four support tubes(E) like in the illustration above.


After inserting the rope (E) accordingly, slide washer (A) into place and secure with hex nut (B) by using the provided hex wrench(C).

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Tips for the Safety of Kid Swing

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