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Read through the instruction manual carefully before use. Make sure you keep the instructions for future reference!

Safety First:

Before entering the chair, inspect your hanging chair, hardware (if any), installation points, and objects supporting your hanging chair for wear or weakness. Proceed carefully and take your time getting into and out of your hanging chair. Any hanging chairs may tip if your weight isn’t centered. A hanging chair is not a playground swing or a trampoline. Excessive swinging and other rough play may result in falls and may wear out your hanging chair and hardware prematurely. Small children should not play unsupervised in your hanging chair.

hanging chair with cushion

Care and Maintenance:

To prevent mildew and increase the useful life of your hanging chair, store it in a dry location during seasons and time periods when it is not used. Avoid keeping in direct sunlight and rain for long durations. Some fading may occur.


Your hanging chair is hand washable with cold water and mild detergent soap. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners or bleach. Rinse well and let it dry thoroughly before storing, keep rope and loops away from fabric while cleaning.


Make sure the hanging chairs are hand-crafted; you should measure the overall length of your hanging chair, in order to determine the best hanging option for use.

hanging chair

Tree Mounting:

A hardwood tree with a branch a minimum of 30cm in diameter is needed, and appropriate hardware like an eye screw and hook, or a tree strap and S hook are needed to support and attach to the tree. Chains and S-Hooks are recommended but may not be necessary for adjusting the height of the chair.

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