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Hammock Straps Wholesale

When hiking or camping, to hang a hammock without a hammock stand, then hammock straps are a good choice. It can provide plenty of length with widely spread trees. Where to hammock strap wholesale, and how about the quality?

tree strap of hammocks

Jauntyleisure is a hammock supplier and supplies all the accessories for hammocks, like hammock tree straps and hammock stands. The hammock tree strap is straightforward to set up. Setting up a hammock takes less than 1 minute, and you don’t need extra complicated knots. They are friendly to trees and won’t hurt trees. 

The tree strap is adjustable and long enough.

One set of straps includes two pieces and 6-10 adjustable loops to adjust the hammock length.

Reliable and safe:

It can load up to 200kgs for one set strap in total. The sewing work is triple stitched of polyester webbing. It can be used for many years without fraying.

Lightweight and portable:

The package is in a small carry bag, you can take it easy, and the weight is just around 0.3-0.4kgs per set. It’s very excellent for hiking, camping, travel, and backpacking. 

How To Tie The Knot And Hang A Hammock On A Tree?

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