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Why hammock stand can de-stress your office environment?

Now many people work in front of the computers for hours each day. We always seek a way to relieve stress and enhance productivity. A positive work environment can essentially improve people’s mental health and job satisfaction. More and more companies are experimenting with new ways to achieve this. Hammock stand is one of the way. It brings people a comfortable, elegant resting space, and can be installed in any corner of the office.

If you have ever experienced working for long hours, feeling stressed and tired. Or even can’t do any further in the process. The reason is you need a work interval breaks.

hammock stand

So why are interval breaks so important?

Prevents Fatigue: Long periods of concentration can lead to brain fatigue. Taking breaks between jobs can help you relax and work more productive.

Improve health: Keeping your body in one position for long time will lead to poor blood circulation, muscle stiffness and eye strain. So taking breaks between jobs is the best way to help release these.

Improve concentration: When we work for a very long time, our concentration and alertness tend to decrease. So take a break can improve the quality of work.

Increase creativity: During breaks, new perspective will occur and may be new ways of thinking.

A hammock with stand may seem very mundane, but it really can improve your office experience.

How to choose the suitable hammock stand?

Choose the suitable hammock stand depending one many factors.

  • Consideration of the environment of use

Where will you use the hammock stand? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor styles will be comfortable designs and save space. Outdoors will need to consider the anti-rust materials.

  • Evaluation of space size

It’s very important to consider the space of the hammock stand. So big sizes are suitable for using outside. If the space a limited, choose a foldable one is the best choice.

  • Consider the hammock stand size can match the hammock total length.

When you buy the hammock stand, you must to consider the hammocks total length. They are can be perfectly matched.

  • The loading capacity

Normally single size can reach 150kgs max .loading capacity. And 200 to 300kgs of double ones.

The best foldable new hammock stand developed.

When you are enjoying a camping trip and hang your hammock between two trees, but can’t find the suitable distance between two trees, so this foldable camping hammock stand is the best choice for camping.

foldable hammock stand

The advantage of the foldable hammock stand:

  1. Folding hammock stand will be great for your camping trips. It can avoid wet floors when you sleep.
  2. This hammock stand is made of strong powder coated, and the steel to ensure the stability and reliability in any weather conditions.
  3. Small space after folded, and can be take it anywhere you want.
  4. Design is portability.

This folding hammock stand is lightweight and portability. It comes with a practical carry bag. It perfect for excursions, camping or relaxing.

Product DescriptionFoldable hammock stand made of steel
Dimensions(275-340) x 100 x (95-110)
Maximum Weight Capacity200 kgs

Choose the hammock stand that best suits your needs, and enjoy lazy afternoons outdoor.

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