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Can I put my hammock in the washing machine?

When your hammock has been used for a long time, consider cleaning it. How to clean the hammock and the right way to clean it. Can I put my hammock in the washing machine?

It depends on the hammock design. If the hammock with wooden spread bar and the wooden bar can’t be removed, then it can’t be washed by machine. If the design of the hammock is without wooden spreader bar, then you can use the gentle mode and with gentle detergent in the washing machine after washing to dry naturally in the shade.

Because the hammock with the wooden spreader bar can’t be used in the washing machine, then how to wash and clean it?

Put the hammock flat on the floor, use a soft bristle scrub brush, and brush it gently to clean. After cleaning one side, flip it over and clean the other side. Hang the hammock and dry it.

Never attempt to wash a hand-wash hammock in the washing machine.

cotton hammock

If the nylon hammock can be put in the washing machine?

Yes, the nylon hammock can be washed in the machine. 

First, remove the carabiners from the hammock or other accessories. And then, put the hammock in the washing machine using a delicate cycle and mild detergent.

The quilted hammock can be washed?

The quilted hammock with the polyester inside and thicker. And it’s with wooden spreader bar. It’s not suitable to wash with a machine. Also need you to wash by hand.

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