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How to Clean a Hammock

Yes! You enjoy using your hammock. It gives you the comfort and relaxation you desire. Would you want anything to stop you from enjoying your hammock? Pretty sure you would say “No”. 

Accumulating molds, mildew, and bugs are some threats to hammocks. 

If your hammock is dirty, you expose yourself and other users to sicknesses and infections. This is why you need to clean your hammock regularly and properly maintain it.

So, you may be thinking – “how do I clean a hammock?” Relax. This article will walk you through the processes involved in cleaning a hammock. Before then, let’s consider what happens when you don’t clean your hammock regularly.

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What happens when you don’t clean your hammock regularly? 

Proneness to rashes or sickness

If you do not regularly clean your hammock, it may harbor bugs, which could seriously threaten your health. So, you must avoid bug infestation on your hammock by spraying it with a repellant, especially if you are using an outdoor camping location. 

If your hammock is seriously infected with bugs, you may have to dispose of it and get a new one. This is because some eggs might have stuck to the hammock, which might be challenging. A stitch in time saves nine. You can prevent this by regularly cleaning your hammock right from the start.

Accumulation of molds and mildew

If you don’t wash your hammock regularly, molds and mildew may start to build up. This is a threat to your health, especially if you have allergies. Mildew can cause skin rashes, and molds can be as dangerous as affecting your respiratory system. 

However, if you find traces of mold and mildew on your hammock, ensure you get rid of them. Before washing the stains with soap, sprinkle them with baking soda or a vinegar cleaning solution. Then dry it out thoroughly before using the hammock again. 

How to clean a hammock

You do not have to wait for molds and mildew to accumulate before you clean your hammock. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean a hammock. 

● Step one

Prepare your hammock for washing.

It would help if you prepared your hammock for washing. How? By removing any rope attached to it and the carabiners.

● Step two

Wash Thoroughly

There are two ways to go about the thorough washing of a hammock. You can either hand wash with a washing machine or hand wash. Here are the steps for each of the washing options. 

Machine wash

After getting your hammock ready for washing, the next thing is to set your machine to a low or gentle cycle. Also, pay attention to the temperature of the water. Cool water is the best because it prevents shrinkage. 

Then, add a little quantity of mild detergent and ensure nothing else is with the hammock in the washing machine. 

In summary, wash your hammock ALONE in a machine with cool water on a gentle spin cycle.

Hand wash

This is a straightforward washing option but can be tedious and time-consuming. Below are steps to follow to hand wash a hammock. 

● Spread the hammock over a clean hard surface.

● Wet the hammock thoroughly using a garden hose or water basin. 

● After thoroughly wetting the hammock, mix two tablespoons of mild detergent with nine liters of water in a bathtub or water basin. Then, use the mixture to remove the dirt from the hammock by using a soft sponge. 

● Turn over the hammock and repeat the same process as above.

● If serious dirt is on the hammock, scrub gently with a soft brush. 

● Rinse the hammock thoroughly using clean water.

● Step three

Whichever of the above two techniques you choose, the following process is to dry your hammock. When drying, do not expose the hammock to direct sunlight. Doing so damages the hammock’s fabric. 

● Step four

After the hammock is completely dried, keep it in a safe place if you are not using it instantly.

Fold the hammock carefully and put it in a bag, preferably the bag it came with. Keep in a dry place and away from sunlight and other accessories. 

Practices to avoid when cleaning a hammock

It is important to clean your hammock, so it is essential to clean it properly correctly. Below are a few standard practices you should avoid when cleaning your hammock.

Do not use a stiff bristle brush

Don’t try using a stiff bristle brush, even if there is serious dirt on the hammock. If you do, this may damage the hammock’s fabric. 

Avoid using a pressure washer. 

Please don’t wash your hammock with a pressure washer, as it will shred the fabric. Hammocks are not designed to be washed with pressure water.

Don’t tumble dry your hammock.

Tumble drying a hammock exposes it to damage from the tumble dryer. So, it is advisable to simply air dry your hammock.



In this article, we explained the simple steps and the practices to avoid when cleaning a hammock. 

Ensure you regularly wash your hammock. This makes it durable and prevents molds, mildew, and bugs. However, hammocks are made with delicate materials, so you don’t need to wash them daily. Consider washing your hammock every few weeks if you use it daily or weekly.

Also, note that a hammock’s design and fabric texture determine the cleaning method you would be using. 


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