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5 Tips to Wholesale the Suitable Hammocks for Your Business

Hammocks have different sizes, materials, product unit weight, loading capacity, and packaging. When you import hammocks as an importer, wholesaler, distributor, etc., how do you choose the right style of hammocks for your business? The following points are analyzed for your reference according to different end-customer types.

1. Online business

First of all, the size of the product is divided into the single/double/family big hammock, the unit weight of the single size range from 0.3kgs to 4kgs, if your buyer is specialized in E-commerce, it is recommended to choose the lightweight, the packaging to be mail-order items. It is recommended to choose the following style types of hammocks

lightweight hammock

2. Supermarket

Supermarket customers are suitable for a variety of products, the packaging is a color box or fabric bag and it’s better to add the display box outside, to facilitate the display in stores or supermarkets to give consumers a good visual.

display box for hammock

3. As gifts/promotional items

If you want to be used as promotional items or gifts on holidays, choose low cost, simple design, lightweight hammocks, the following polyester camping hammocks with Carry Bag are preferred.

polyester hammock

4. Brand merchants

If you are an importer and have your brand, you will usually print the brand logo on product or outer packaging, and make the OEM design according to your company’s brand image and colors, etc.

logo on hammock

5. Retailer

As a retailer, you can choose hammocks according to local people’s living habits, climate, etc. For example, if it is a hot climate, it is recommended to choose the material breathable and cool fabric, if it is rainy weather, please choose the quick-drying and rain fly cover hammock.

The above points are for reference only, I hope they will help you in your business.

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