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What You Need To Know About Hanging Chairs

In our childhood, we all liked to go to the park swing. Now many parks do not have swings, so many people will choose to buy a hanging chair at home, which can be used as a chair, there can provide the joy of swinging. Here we will introduce the hanging chairs you need to know about.

hanging chair

Advantages of hanging chairs

1. The chair has a beneficial effect on the waist. Many chairs bend shape perfectly in line with the direction of the human waist force.

2. Putting the chair at home, in the way, is conducive to the development of children’s sense of balance and body perception.

3. hanging chairs are used for leisure and rest, which can bring a feeling of well-being and complete relaxation.

4. Hanging chair style is the novelty and varied, strong and durable, both the European noble classical style, but also the North American leisure romantic style, but also the East simple and solemn style. Style is full of artistic and cultural taste, very suitable for decorating the home.

Materials of hanging chair:

Hanging chairs have a few materials: cotton, polyester, steel, Textilene, and wood.

Tips for choosing a hanging chair

  1. Whether the material is fine

Understand the material characteristics of the hanging chair, whether the material is fine: such as hanging chair surface wrinkles are not smooth, whether the toughness will be relatively poor, and whether very easy to break but also easy to be corroded.

2. Whether the structure is solid

Whether the structure of the chair is solid, you can use both hands to grab the edge of the chair, shake it a few times, and feel whether the frame of the chair is solid and tough.

3. Whether the surface is smooth

Whether the surface of the chair is smooth with your hands on the surface of the chair, if the surface of the chair is very smooth, there is no feeling of the tie. This is the best.

A hanging chair is a great choice to enhance the happiness of the home. Many friends will also be decorated in the balcony, bedroom, garden, and other places to hang chairs for recreation, overall a good choice of furniture.

fabric hanging chair

What’s the max capacity of the hanging chairs?

The maximum weight of the chair: the single person is generally 120kgs, double 200kgs. Please use the weight-bearing instructions under the purchase of the chair.

What size of hanging chair should you choose?

The fabric of the seat length should be at least 20cm longer than you are tall. If you only want to sit on a hanging chair and not lie on it, then a smaller size is ok.

And the size is also depending on the space you will hang the hanging chair. If in your backyard, then a big hanging chair will be a good choice. If you use a hanging chair in your living room, then a smaller size will be good.

The other important is your height and weight. The seating area should offer you enough space so that you don’t feel constricted. 

If the hanging chair has a wooden spreader bar, then the length should be around 90-120cm.

How much of a hanging chair for wholesale price?

The price is different on size, materials, designs, etc. Our Jauntyleisure supplies were hanging chairs from $5 to $10 at wholesale price. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Buy an excellent hanging chair and keep it properly. It should give you a good relaxing time to enjoy.

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