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Top 5 Hammock Styles in 2023


It’s so satisfying to relax on your hammock after a busy day!

Hammocks are becoming quite indispensable in today’s world. This is due to the comfort that comes with them. Do you need a haven to gather your thoughts after the day? Then invest in a hammock.

Hammocks come in different styles to suit different purposes and personal tastes. This article will consider the five most unique types of hammocks that will grace the market in 2023. But before then, let us look at some tips to help you choose a hammock that suits your style.

How to Choose a Hammock

Several factors should influence the type of hammock you choose. Each element is as important as the next. Consider each one carefully before making your decision.

1. Purpose: A jungle hammock will be best for you if you are backpacking. You may also consider a single hammock, as it is lightweight and easy to carry.

You can get a double or triple hammock if you are going on a weekend getaway with your spouse. This will allow you lovebirds to cuddle and roll around to your satisfaction. Going for a single hammock may cut out the fun.

So, you need first to identify what you need the hammock for.

2. Price: We are sure you won’t want to spend all your holiday budget on a hammock. So, plan yourself wisely. Go for hammocks that are budget-friendly.

Advisably, spend around 20% of your holiday budget on the hammock and use the rest to have a fun-filled holiday.

3. Weight and size: This cannot be overemphasized. Go for a hammock with a maximum weight capacity above your weight range. Go for strong straps too. If you are weighty, you should opt for a double hammock. 

4. Durability: Hammocks, when properly maintained, can last 20 years. Even at that, there are sub-standard hammocks out there. These hammocks can hardly last 3 to 4 years before wearing out.

So, you must check out the hammock’s durability before buying correctly.

5. Set up: This is also very crucial. You need to be able to set up your hammock quickly and within minutes too. 

While buying, always check out the kit to know how to put it up. This will save you a lot of stress when you go camping.

Top 5 Hammock Styles

The five best hammock styles of 2023 include:

hammock with wooden bar
  1. Spreader bar hammock.

Generally, the piece of clothing or nylon used for the hammock has no definite shape. So, getting on and off the hammock is quite tasking for many people. This is especially true with aged people. This invariably denies them the opportunity to enjoy hammocks as the young folks do.

However, the spreader bar hammock is the solution to this. Unlike other hammocks, the spreader bar hammock has a definite shape due to the two rods attached at the end of the hammock.

 Spreader bar hammocks are ideal for aged people. It has a bed-looking appearance. It reduces shoulder squeeze and calf ridge pain too.

With a spreader bar hammock, you will have an unobstructed view of the environment. This type of hammock is soft and warm. It is suitable for the winter. Due to its tight surface, it dries after when water gets into it.

hammock with stand

2. A hammock with a stand.

Hammocks with stand can stand on their own. You do not need to hang these hammocks on a tree, pole, or support system. This type of hammock has been in vogue because so many people don’t have trees, poles, or pillars to hang their hammock on. 

Another benefit of using a hammock with stands is moving it wherever you want. You can easily transport it from your backyard to your garden or your children’s playroom to have fun with them.

You can use it when camping too. Rather than jostling for trees to hang your hammock, you can just set this up. More so, in some parks, hanging hammocks on trees is prohibited. This type of hammock is the go-to in these parks.

hammock chair

3. Hammock chair

Instead of chairs and stools, hammock chairs are primarily used in camps. The most popular hammock chairs are singles, but double hammock chairs are available too.

Another perfect place to hang your hammock chairs is in your bedroom. Sometimes, lying on the bed is not the best option. All you might need to do is swing yourself gently on that hammock chair beside your bed until you feel calm enough to carry on. Hammock chairs are suitable for the garden too.

The flexibility of this hammock reduces pressure on the spine and joints. This, in turn, will reduce inflammation and pain, especially on your neck and back.

A hammock chair also flows with body symmetry instead of forcing it to adjust to its shape. This will relieve pressure on your muscle joint and help you fully relax.

portable hammock

4 . Folding hammocks

A folding hammock is another model of a hammock. It’s portable. You can set it up anywhere. Once you need it somewhere else, you pack it up and move it over.

Especially for people whose homes are not spacious, this hammock helps to save space. You set it up when you want to rest, fold it and keep it once you are done.

This hammock is durable and easy to set up. 

jungle hammock

5. Jungle hammocks

Although you can take different types of hammocks on camping trips, this one is distinct. Jungle hammocks are specifically made for outdoor camping.

This hammock has a covering over it. This covering saves you from harsh sun rays and rainfall. Camping hammocks make you feel at home, even in the middle of the jungle.

What more? Jungle hammocks are ultra-light and easy to carry as you go backpacking.


Now, you know the trending hammock styles in 2023. This knowledge will come in handy for you in choosing a suitable type. At Jaunty Leisure, we have all kinds of hammocks in store for you.


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