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To Buy a Double Hammock or a Single Hammock?

There are different sizes of hammocks: single, double, and family-size hammocks. When you are buying hammocks, then you need to choose the sizes. This article will share the pros of each size hammock.

single hammock

Single Size Hammocks:

A single-size hammock is 3.2-4ft wide, and the max. Loading capacity is 260 lbs. It’s just to be used for one person.


  • The price is lower than the double hammock.

The single hammock cost is lower than the double hammock. It’s around 20% cheaper. But it also depends on different designs and materials.

  • A single hammock is more suitable for hikers and camping. It’s lightweight.

A single hammock is folded in only 7.5″x4″, and some super lightweight hammocks can be much smaller. It’s nice for backpackers and hikers to take it in their backpacks.

  • Save Space

A single hammock can save space if you use it at home because it’s narrower than a double one.

double hammock

Double Size Hammocks:

A double-size hammock is 4.5-5ft wide, and the loading capacity can reach 450 lbs. It’s suitable for two adults.


  • The width of the double hammock gives you more space and adds more comfort and warmth. To enjoy the time for lovers.
  • A double hammock is suitable for tall and heavy adults. If you are tall and heavy, a double size is better than a single one. 
  • Double hammocks find the perfect position for your body to lie down. And it is more comfortable because of the big size. You can move around freely.

Big Size Hammock: Family-size hammocks:

The hammock’s width reaches 6.9 ft and can load 3-5 persons. The weight capacity is 660 lbs. The whole family lies in the big hammock to relax at home or in the camping places.

Is a double hammock suitable for one person?

Yes, a double hammock also can be used for one person. It provides more space and is more comfortable than a single hammock.

Jauntyleisure will give you all you need for the hammock sizes and designs.

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