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Swinging is an activity that helps children develop strong bones and muscles. This activity also helps kids build their sensory system and increase spatial awareness, among other benefits.

However, a child can sustain injuries when swinging if proper care is not taken.

Most, even all, of these injuries can be prevented with the practice of good safety tips. Whether your swings are in your backyard or a public place, you should ensure that your children practice safety tips. It minimizes the risk of sustaining injuries. 

Below are safety tips that will keep your children safe while swinging.

assembled kid swing

Safety Tips When Playing On The Children’s Swings

  1. Do not allow the children to walk or stand in the way of the swing path, while in use.
  2. Ensure that only a child should be on a swing at a time, except the swing is designed to hold more than one person.
  3. Instruct the children not to stand or kneel in a swing. Children’s swings should only be used after they sit comfortably. Also, hold the chains firmly for support.
  4. Do not hang anything on the posts that hold the swing.
  5. The only way the swing is supposed to move is back and forth. Do not push or pull the swing otherwise.
  6. A child on a swing must not jump off the swing when the swing is still in motion. Ensure that the swing has been brought to a halt before the child gets off the swing. 
  7. Always swing while sitting upright. Do not lean back or bend when swinging.
  8. Ensure that the swings are made of soft materials, not hard materials like metal.
  9. Adult supervision is needed, especially for little children. 
  10. Little children should use swings that are purposely made for them, to guarantee their safety. 
  11. Ensure that children hold on firmly to the suspending chains with both hands.
  12. Do not let the children swing too high. They may fall if they do.
  13. If a child cannot start swinging alone. You can give a gentle push to set the swing into motion. 
  14. Before children are allowed to use a swing, inspect the swings thoroughly for signs of cracks, damage, or rust. 

Note: Rust, cracks, or any damage can lead to accidents while the swing is in use. This can cause injuries.

rope kid swing

Other Important Factors To Consider

Below are important factors to consider before you allow your children to play on a swing. 

● Spacing

Make sure the swings are properly spaced. This helps to prevent accidents. Swings should not be less than 22inches apart from one another. Also, a swing seat must be at least 8 inches above the ground. 

However, this may be too tall for a little kid; you may need to adjust the height so that the child can get on and off the swing easily. 

Note: A safe swing should not have more than two swing seats. 

● The Swing’s dimension

There’s no universal dimension for all swings. However, an ideal swing has a width that is approximate twice the height of the swing’s suspension mechanism. For example, if the top end of the swing’s suspension is 15 feet high, the swing’s surface should be about 30 feet wide.

● Materials

Avoid swings that are made of hard materials like wood. Consider using swings made from rubber or plastic. This is to ensure safe swinging. 

● Properly Close The ‘S’ Hooks

An S-shaped hook always attaches a swing seat to the suspension chains. Ensure that the two ‘S’ hooks are properly closed. An open ‘S’ hook poses a threat to the kids’ safety when swinging. They could sustain serious injuries while swinging. 

● Clear The Swing’s Surroundings

Keep every other object away from the swing’s surroundings. Clearing off the swing’s surroundings ensures safe swinging. 

rope swing assembled

When the appropriate safety tips are put into practice, swinging is the best activity your children can participate in. Here are the various reasons you should allow your children to use the swing. 

● Swinging helps children to develop adaptation to different sensations. This further develops their sensory systems.

● Swinging is fun! And children love fun. So if you want some fun for your children, let them swing!

● Swinging also helps children to develop strong muscles and bones.

● Swinging lowers the risk of chronic illnesses in children. Research shows that children who often play outside have more vitamin D (a nutrient that helps to prevent illnesses) than children who stay indoors. With swinging, children have the chance to stay outside for a long time.

● Just the way the to-and-fro movement of a hammock helps to calm an adult, swinging also helps to keep children calm.

● Having playtime on swings helps children to socialize properly with one another.

● Swinging helps children to improve their mood. Because swinging is done outside, the children get exposed to sunlight and fresh air. According to research, sunlight helps to stimulate the brain part responsible for feelings of happiness. This enhances the development of a positive mood in children.

● Swinging improves children’s gross motor skills – pumping legs and jumping. 

● Swinging also helps children to develop manual dexterity like arm coordination, finger coordination, and so on. 


Swinging has so many positive effects. It would help if you didn’t allow your children to miss out. However, it can be very dangerous if you do not put the important safety tips in place. A fall from a swing is not a pleasant one!

Always ensure that your children are under supervision while swinging. Also, make sure you pick a swing made of soft materials. Check the surroundings of the swing set properly to be sure that it is void of objects that could lead to an accident. 

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