Tips for Finding a Reliable Hammock Supplier

If you are starting a hammock brand, then you will need a reliable hammock supplier for your brand. There are lots of hammock suppliers. So, it may not be easy to know which is reliable or not. 

Here are a few essential tips you need to consider to ease your searching process. When you think of these tips, you can find the best hammock supplier for your needs.

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Tips for finding a reliable hammock supplier

How to source a reliable hammock supplier

  • Surfing the internet

In this age, the internet is generally the first option to source credible information when making decisions. A simple search on Google, Bing, or any other search engine will list the hammock suppliers. While searching, search for the suppliers proximate to your location. Then, find the suppliers that align with your needs and connect with them.

  • B2B Web

You can also use B2B websites to connect with reliable hammock suppliers. B2B websites connect sellers to the appropriate buyers. You can connect with hammock manufacturers in China through B2B websites.

  • Yellow pages

A yellow page is an online directory listing the hammock manufacturers and their necessary information. This information includes their address, locations, and phone numbers. 

A yellow page will help you find a reliable hammock supplier close to you. For example, YP Canada makes information about hammock businesses and suppliers in Canada available. If you are in Canada, on, you will find the exact hammock supplier that suits your needs.

  • A sourcing agent

If you were importing from another country, especially China, you would need a sourcing agent. A reliable sourcing agent will help you make necessary inquiries, get the best supplier, and guide you through the importation process. 

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Factors to consider before choosing a hammock supplier

When choosing a hammock supplier, you need to consider several factors. These include:

  • Sample

You can request sample hammocks from the supplier you want to partner with. Inspect the sample carefully before you commit to transacting with a supplier. This will give you a clue as to the quality of the supplier’s product.

  • Fast shipping

Indeed, you do not want to partner with a supplier that takes a long time to ship your hammocks across to you. So, it would help if you chose a supplier that guarantees fast shipping.

  • Price

You must contact the supplier to know the price before making an order. This will enable you to compare the price to other suppliers’ pricing and see if it is within your budget.

Product Assurance

Ensure that your selected supplier is registered with the relevant agency. You can hire a sourcing agent to verify this for you.

  • Certification

When choosing, choose a supplier with the necessary certification from the appropriate bodies. One of the certifications to look out for is the Conformite Europeenne (CE) certification, which signifies that the company adheres to the safety and health standards of the European Union.

  • Quality

Some hammock suppliers offer fake products. Ask for samples and check carefully to ensure they are of high quality.

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Common types of Hammocks that you can import.

Hammocks come in different sizes and shapes. They are also made with other materials of varying qualities. Below are some of the common types of hammocks you can import. 

Mosquito net hammocks protect you from mosquito bites and bites from other insects. It has a mesh that helps to keep insects away. 

These are the most popular forms of hammocks. They are easy to move around and are featherweight. 

These hammocks come with a stand and a hanging chain. So, they are easy to set up. You can use them in several places.

  • Kids Hammocks

Kids hammocks are designed for kids of all ages. They offer kids a good place to rest, read, and sit. 

  • Portable Hammocks

These are portable hammocks. Though they do not take up much space like the huge metal hammocks, they provide the same support. 

  • Rope Hammocks

They are durable hammocks and do not get destroyed by moisture. They are made of comfortable and sturdy materials.

A single hammock can only accommodate one person at a time. They are featherweight and are 4 to 5 feet wide. Their weight capacity ranges from 250 to 400 pounds.

  • Double Hammocks

These are hammocks that can accommodate two people at a go. Their width ranges from 5 to 6 feet. They have a weight capacity of about 400 to 500 pounds.

  • Beach Hammocks

Beach hammocks usually come with a frame. So, you do not need trees to set them up. 

You can set them quickly and within a short time in any place for your relaxation.

  • Tree Hammocks

Tree hammocks can only be used for outdoor purposes. Before using this hammock, you must fasten them to a tree.

Some people also import hammock accessories. Hammock accessories include trees, straps, clips, tarps, cup holders, etc.  

Final Thoughts

There are different hammock suppliers across the globe. However, ensure you consider the necessary factors when making your choice. You can hire an outsourcing agent to make necessary inquiries before you begin a transaction with a supplier.

Finding a reliable hammock supplier is not as tricky as you’ve thought! Jaunty Leisure is a reliable hammock supplier you can partner with. 

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