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Lightweight Hammock Introduction

There are many kinds of hammocks for camping. So a lightweight hammock will be a good choice for sleeping under the stars or lounging around camping season. There we introduce a lightweight hammock for more details.

lightweight hammock

The lightweight hammock size:

The single size is 275x136cm, with a unit weight is 0.45kgs, and the double size is 300*180cm, with a unit weight of around 0.6kgs.

The material:

The hammock material is 210T parachute nylon. It is made out of durable, smooth, and soft skin.

Max. capacity:

Single size can hold up to 250lbs, and double size can hold up to 500lbs.


It is packed in a small pouch. The pouch is made of the same fabric as the hammock. The storage bag is sewn to the hammock, so you will not lose it, and when you are lying on the hammock, the pouch will be a storage pouch for your phone, sunglasses, etc. If you add a logo or sewing label on the pouch, it’s a good way to make it.


The fabric can be made in different colors in panton numbers. Also, you can combine the colors you like for the hammock.

How to set up the hammock with straps on trees?

It’s very amazingly easy to set up and take down. The tree straps will also be a nice accessory to hang on the trees. Below is the pic. to show how to hang the hammock on trees.

tree straps

It’s a great gift for kids, friends, lovers, and travelers. When you are hiking and tired, you can find a place to hang the hammock with tree straps to rest, eat or relax. This is a fantastic hammock and easy to put up and take down.

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