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Like other campers, a hammock is your go-to when camping. The benefits attached to using hammocks when camping makes them preferable. Hammocks are comfortable, easy to use, lightweight, ensure quality sleep, and safe to use.

You wonder how best you can use your hammock when camping, right? This article will show you how to use it when camping. Okay, so let’s dive in.

How you can use a hammock when camping

  •  Set up your hammock in a suitable spot:

Not all locations are ideal for setting up a hammock. You can hang it between 2 trees 10 to 11 feet apart. Ensure the trees are firm and the wind can’t move them. The trees should be at least 6 inches in diameter. You should avoid hanging it on dead trees as these trees are not stable enough to support your weight. You can check around the trees for dead branches to confirm if they are living.

Avoid hanging it over sharp objects, tables, or water features. Always set up your hammock 200 feet or more from a water source. Don’t hang your hammock more than 3 feet off the ground.

Also, set it up with no rock or log underneath. This is to protect yourself from falling off to a harmful surface in case the hammock crash.

You can use other connecting points such as a building or vehicle if there are not enough trees around.

lying on hammock
  • Use the right angle to set up the hammock’s suspension:

To attach the hammock to the tree, the straps you use should be 1.5-2 inches wide. This is to guard against damaging the tree bark. The suspension straps should be at a 30-degree angle, opening towards the tree. Note that the middle of the hammock should be around 18 inches above the ground.

Also, don’t suspend the hammock too much. Instead, permanently lose it with a deep curve from pole to pole. The deep angle ensures the hammock is neither too tight nor too loose.

  • Use a good sag to hang your hammock:

An excellent and deep sag will make your hammock stable and hard to fall out. Stringing up hammock tights between anchor points can make your back uncomfortable and squeeze your shoulders.

You can use a hammock rope to tie the hammock to the trees. You can use straps too. Only use tree straps that reduce girdling effects and disperse weight. Avoid using materials like nails, plastic zip cords, or screws that are not friendly to trees. Note that lots of campsites will not allow you to use the rope.

sleep on hammock
  • Use a tarp:

Use a tarp above the hammock to prevent it from getting wet or the wind affecting it. Some hammocks have ridgeline, while some do not. The ridgeline is the line that runs above the hammock to hold the tarp.

If your hammock does not come with a ridgeline, you should use a longer rope than the hammock itself. Also, if there is a high wind and rain forecast, you can set the ridgeline lower. If the weather is calm, you can set the ridgeline up as high as you want.

  • You should sleep diagonally across the hammock:

Your sleeping position matters to make the best of hammocks. It will help if you position yourself at an angle on your back so your body can form a diagonal line on the hammock. Also, avoid climbing in on your hammock. Instead, get on it and position yourself about 30 to 45 degrees from the center. This will prevent you from sinking into the material.

pad on hammock
  • Hang the foot side of the hammock at a higher level:

The foot side should be about 8-10 inches tall to prevent your body from sliding into the middle.

  • Padding:

You can consider putting some padding under your knees, such as a pillow. If you don’t have a pillow or blanket, you can cross your legs at that ankle to avoid any lower back. Doing this won’t make you feel any tight ridge or pressure on your knees.

  • Do not load your hammock to excess:

Please use the hammock within the loading capacity, except if your hammock is large enough to contain more. Otherwise, this may damage the hammock.

  • You can use it as a chair:

ou would have to fold the front edge of the fabric towards the center of the hammock seat. Doing this will let you sit up comfortably. To sit on it, always sit in the middle so you can balance your weight on it.

It will help if you consider wearing warm clothes like long sleeves, a hat, long underwear, etc., when camping on a cold campsite. You can also line your hammock with a blanket before laying on it. It will help if you do not store your backpack in the hammock. Otherwise, this will pull the bag to your body on the hammock with wooden bars, making it uncomfortable.

You can keep your backpack by attaching it to the hammock suspension or a tree or using a garage sling. Also, avoid bringing food items into your hammocks. Instead, you can use bear lockers and hooks to keep them or hang them on a tree.

sit on hammock


You will agree that knowing how to use a hammock is important. Otherwise, you may not maximize its use. In this article, we have taken you through how to use a hammock when camping. This knowledge will always come in handy whenever you are camping with it.


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