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How To Use a Hammock And Make It to Be Safe?

One lightweight hammock is the best choice when you take one hammock for hiking and camping outside. How to use a hammock and make sure it is safe?

Use the hammock under the loading weight limit.

Pls make sure the maximum load capacity of the hammock:100kgs or 150kgs or 200kgs. Being overweight might lead to an injury.

hammock 4

The steps for usage:

  1. Open the hammock and check all the ropes and fabrics are in good condition.
  2. Attach the hammock securely between two strong poles or trees-keep the maximum load in mind.
  3. Attached the rope loops to the poles or trees and make sure the ropes can’t slide down.
  4. Before you lie down in the hammock, make absolutely sure that the hammock has been tied securely.
  5. Getting into the hammock carefully by stepping over with one leg
  6. Then move your other leg onto the hammock for a comfortable position
  7. The distance between the hammock center and the ground should be not higher than 50cm when you lie in it.
hammock tied on trees

Safety caution:

  • Be careful entering and exiting your hammock as injury may result.
  • Any hammock may tip if your weight isn’t centered.
  • A hammock is not a playground swing and a trampoline, excessive swinging, and other rough play may result in falls.
  • Small children should not play unsupervised in your hammock.
  • If your hammock is too tight, it will make the hammock unstable and will cause flipping.
  • The middle of the hammock at its lowest points should be between 20cm to 50cm from the ground.
  • Make sure there are no sharp or dangerous objects beneath your hammock.

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