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How to Inspect the Hammock Stands’ Shipment Goods?

After placing orders to your hammock stands’ supplier, whether the goods are without any quality problems and meet your requirements, so a pre-shipment inspection is necessary to be made. The usual inspection standard is Level Ⅱ, AQL2.5. Buyers, suppliers, or agencies can make the pre-shipment inspection.

All the points need to be inspected for the hammock stands’ goods.

  1. Quantity.

Before making the inspection, be sure the production completion rate is 100% and the packing completion rate is at least 80%. And to check if the order quantity consistent with the amount in the packing list.

2. Workmanship.

To check the hammock stand if have the below problems:

  • Scratch mark on the surface
  • Excessive flash
  • Dent mark on the surface

3. Safety Test

  • Finger entrapment

If holes in the hammock stand, the acceptable safety space should be smaller than 7mm or bigger than 12mm. The insertion depth is less than 10mm. The finger will not be harmed.

  • Loading Test

To check the hammock stand loading for 200kgs for 4 hours. If there is no permanent excessive stretching, no broker, and no malfunction on accessories.

4. General Test

Assembly check: the hammock stand can be assembled successfully.

Barcode readability check: use the barcode reader to ensure the package of the customer’s barcode is readable.

Carton drop test: If the package has the drop test requirement, make one corner, three edges, and six sides at the height of 76cm(<9.5kgs) to drop the packaged product. 

Color comparison check: to check the hammock stand color according to the client’s specs or required Pantone. No color deviation.

Fatigue test: For all adjustable parts, if applicable, at least 20 times.

Rub check: 

– If testing equipment is available, then use the equipment to

perform dry-rubbing and wet-rubbing (9N+/-0.2N, at the range

of 104mm+/-3mm, ten rounds.)

– If testing equipment is not available, perform dry-rubbing and

wet-rubbing with a white cloth for 15 seconds, ten rounds.

– Passed: the grayscale of staining is 4 or 4-5. Failed: the gray

the scale of staining is 3-4 or below 3- 4.

rub test

5. Accessories Check

Based on the parts list on the instruction sheet, check no missing accessories.

6. Product specifications

Hammock stand actual tube should conform to the client’s specification, and the difference should not be beyond the tolerance (+/-5%).


7. Packing 

Packing details are according to the customer’s request. The stand package usually is each unit packed into one export carton box. 

8. Marking & labeling

The shipping marks, instructions, and labels are printed in the right words.

All the above points are passed, then the shipment goods can be released.

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