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How To Control The Production Quality?

As a supplier to produce goods, the important is to ensure the product’s quality without any faulty or bad quality. If your customers buy your goods disappointed, then you will lose a customer and may have a claim. Good quality is essential for maintaining safety and consistency in the business relationship. And will make the customer happy to get what they’ve paid for. So how to control the production quality? This article will introduce the key points.

  1. First, to make the datasheet for the goods’ quality standards.

When customers place an order, then there will be the standard of the product like size, color, package, etc. So the production sheet to produce the goods must comply with the customer’s requirement for each detail. Sometimes, customers need samples and make the counter-signed sample. Then you will have the samples to produce the same.

2. To follow the standards.

The quality of every step in the production process is set, then you will measure the quality by the inspector for the person for this step. And submit each step the inspection reports each.

To have efficient product quality control, you need to know more professional product knowledge. The standards of the products should comply with an executive condition; reliability, safety, and conformity.

quality control

3. External sources

Use external sources to control the quality. Such as customer surveys, pictures, or videos sent to customers to check the product’s details.

4. Finally, to inspect the shipment of goods.

You can make the inspection by a few methods:

Internal inspection;

The third-party inspection;

Customers staff in the supplier’s local office;

All the inspections are finished need to issue the reports. If all the details are ok and passed, then we can release the goods for shipment.

The final solution – customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential for the business to sustainable and help the production quality to be improved more and more. Quality management system enables companies to produce goods efficiently.

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