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Now that you have a hammock, you are unsure where to hang it. The trees you have found are far apart from each other. This is where the need for a hammock stand arises. 

Hammock stands are wooden, or metal stands where you can hang your hammock. They help to hold a hammock in place and offer a better experience when using a hammock.

This article will explain hammock stands and how to choose a suitable one for your hammock.

Okay, so let’s dive in.

Wooden Or Metal Hammock Stand?

Hammock stands are made of wood or metal. Below is a description of both.

Wooden Hammock Stands 

Hammocks made with wood are the best choice for a backyard set-up. Because they are heavy, wooden stands are designed to be permanently fixed.

They are usually durable because they’re made from sturdy materials like Russian Larch wood. However, timbers rot quickly, so a wooden hammock stand must be oiled or stained regularly to elongate its lifespan. 

Metal Hammock Stands

Metal hammock stands do not need much maintenance like wooden ones. They are made with stainless steel metal or non-stainless steel metal. Stainless steel metals are pretty expensive but are durable because they do not rust easily. Conversely, non-stainless steel hammocks rust easily and are cheaper. 

Some metal hammock stands are made with aluminum, which has less weight than steel. However, they are not always durable. If you would be selecting a metal hammock stand for outdoor use, consider buying a frame that has a rust-proof coating.

hammock with stand

Factors To Consider In Choosing A Suitable Hammock Stand

There are several factors to consider when choosing a hammock stand. A few of them are outlined below.

Size and Dimensions

Ensure you check out the features of the hammock stand before buying to be sure that you’re buying the right size for your hammock. Before purchasing a hammock stand, measure the length of your hammock.

 A perfect hammock stand must be 2ft longer than the actual length of the hammock. If your hammock is 14ft long, you should buy a 16ft long hammock stand. 

Weight Capacity

Hammock stands vary in weight capacity. Most hammock stands support a weight limit of about 350pounds to 500pounds. Ensure you check the weight specification of the air you intend to buy to be sure that it can help both your weight and your hammock’s weight. 


Your camping location is another factor determining a hammock stand’s suitability. Wooden hammocks are designed to be fixed to a spot. This is ideal if you would be using your backyard. Metal hammock stands can be moved easily. 

Ease of set up

If you plan to permanently take down your hammock stand when not in use, it is essential to consider the ease of setting up the frame you want to invest in. If you plan to take your stand from place to place, you should buy a portable hammock stand that is easy to set up.


Some stands have limited usage, while some can be used with different hammocks. You must consider the versatility of the hammock stand you are about to invest in, especially if you will be using other hammocks.

Hammock Type

The type of hammock you intend to use also determines the type of hammock stand to buy. Some frames do not use spreader bar hammocks, while some do. Be sure that the hammock stand you are about to invest in can be used with your choice of a hammock. 

Types Of Hammock Stands

There are varieties of hammock stands that you can pick from. The list below and the description will help you choose a suitable stand easily. 

●      Multi-use Hammock Stand

A multi-use hammock stand can be used with any type of hammock between 9ft and 14ft. This is an ideal hammock for you if you love to use different hammocks without buying a hammock stand of each kind. 

This stand comes in different colors and can be used indoors or outdoors. Its weight capacity of about 500 to 550 pounds. It is a metal hammock stand made with steel.

●      The 12-foot Hammock Stand

A 12-foot hammock stand is ideal for smaller spaces, as it doesn’t take up much space. It is made with powder-coated steel, which makes it weather resistant. It comes in different fancy colors and has a weight capacity of about 350pounds. It is the ideal stand for spreader bar hammocks but cannot be used with a rope hammock.

●      The 15-foot Hammock Stand

This can be used with spreader bar hammocks, rope hammocks, or Mayan hammocks. It has a weight capacity of about 400 pounds. It can also be used indoors or outdoors. It is made of steel.

●      The Brazilian/Camping Portable Hammock

This type of stand doesn’t work with hammocks with spreader bars. It is socially made for Brazilian/camping hammocks that are about 10ft to 12.5ft long. Most stands weigh about 400 to 450 pounds. 

●      Hitch Stand

If you would be car camping, you can buy a stand that can be attached to the hitch on your car. A hitch stand gives you the opportunity of enjoying your hammock where your vehicle is parked. However, its usage is limited to trucks, cars, and vans. 

Final Words

Now that you know how to select the best hammock stand for your hammock, it’s time to enjoy!

The choice is yours; however, ensure that you buy a hammock stand that is 2 feet longer than your hammock. Also, ensure that you follow the supplier’s instructions. 

There is no limitation to the enjoyment of using a hammock with a stand. Save yourself the stress of finding the perfect trees or poles to attach to your hammock. 

Ensure that you get your hammock and stand from a trustworthy supplier like Jaunty Leisure. At Jaunty Leisure, we offer the best!

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