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How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees

Finally! Here you are at your camping destination. But unfortunately, there’s a problem! When there is no tree around. Not even a single tree around. Now, you need to think of what to do. 

Luckily, hanging your hammock without trees isn’t big a deal as you think. There are easy ways to go about it, only if you know, and that’s why this article aims to let you know.

So, for your treeless hammock camping, we found a few ways you can go about hanging your hammock. This is not just for you to read. It’s basically for you to try out on your next camping trip when you find no trees around. You can try this out not only at camping destinations but also at home.

Here we go!

However, before we get down to the real deal, we should let you know that wherever you’ll be hanging, your hammock must be vigorous enough to support your hammock. Falling off a hammock is not a fun experience for which you should give room. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a hanging method for your hammock.

Things to check when choosing a hanging method for a hammock

  • Where

The place you would be using your hammock is essential in choosing the best treeless hanging method for your hammock. A hammock stand may be ideal for an outdoor setting, but you may not need it if you decide to use the hammock in your living room.

  • Cost

You can only purchase what you can afford. The cost of the hanging method you would be using and your pocket size are two critical things to consider.

  • Strength and durability

Ensure that whatever method and material you use to hang your hammock must be long-lasting and sufficiently durable to support your weight and hammock.

Clever ways to hang a hammock without trees

Here are a few clever ways to hang your hammock in a treeless environment:

hammock on stand

Hammock stands

Hammock stands come in various sizes, dimensions, weight capacity, and material quality. With a hammock stand, you’re sure to enjoy a peaceful sleep or rest. However, consider the following while making your choice of a hammock stand.

● Material: Most hammock stands are made with either wood or metal. If you settle for a wooden frame, ensure you pick one made from long-lasting and strong wood, such as solid wood. If the latter is your choice, choose a hammock stand that is resistant to rusting for outdoor use.

● Size: This is an essential factor you should take cognizance of, so you can buy a suitable stand for your hammock.

● Weight capacity: Ensure you buy a stand that can support your weight efficiently.

● Dimensions: To get the stand with the appropriate dimension for your hammock, measure the length of your hammock. You should also add two feet to it. 

There are different types of hammock stands you can opt-in for, ranging from portable ones to adjustable ones. 

How to set up your hammock stand

Hammock stands are easy to set up. They usually come with instruction manuals to guide you. Once you have set up the frame, you need to attach the end loops of your hammocks to each end of the stand. There you have it! A peaceful rest awaits you.

hammock on poles

Using two poles

It’s not new to you that hammocks need two robust support systems to function efficiently. Well, in a treeless case, using two solid posts or poles is one of the best options you can opt for. Not only poles, any other round support system will do. Poles or posts are common sights. Some parks even make hammock posts freely available for use. 

You can as well make one available for yourself. I was wondering how to get this done. Below are the steps you can follow.

● Step one: visit a local store close to you and get two 8-foot long four-by-four poles; they could be wooden or metal. Just be sure that it is vigorous enough to support your hammock perfectly. Also, you’ll need to buy enough quantity of cement, and two bolts (with a looped head)

● Step two: Dig a hole about 2 to 2.5 feet deep.

● Step three: Put a little cement in the bottom. Then place the pole and fill up the remaining space with cement. 

● Step four: Set your second pole about 8 feet away, and repeat the same procedure.

● Both erected, attach an eyebolt(a bolt with a looped head) close to the top of the two poles. 

There you have it! One of the most robust hammock supports ever, and no tree is needed.

hang hammock on two buildings

Two buildings 

Buildings are always around! How easy will it be to use them to hang your hammock? Just as easy as you can imagine. No trees around? Just look around you for buildings. You can make use of the poles of a building. You can also use the side of a building; if close to a stable point of attachment. However, seek permission from the rightful owner of the building.

Using your Vehicle

Another easy method of supporting your hammock is using your vehicle. Follow these steps to get that done:

● Step one

Find a suitable place on your truck or car to attach your hammock. It could be the roof rack of your vehicle if it’s strong enough or the bed of your car. Then stick an end of your hammock to it.

● Step two

After that, look around for a suitable and stable point of attachment. Then attach the other end of your hammock to it. 

If you have two vehicles, you can make use of them; by parking them at the required distance from each other.


In this article, we have explained the methods to hang a hammock without trees. Thus, you do not need to find trees around to attach your hammock to.

However, you should pick the appropriate and most convenient hanging method for your hammock. Consider the necessary factors like the place you would love to relax, your pocket size, etc.

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