5 Key points for hammocks quality checking

How do distinguish the quality of hammocks among many hammock suppliers? Here are five points:

I. Fabric:

  • Check the hammock fabric density in the sun;
  • bed surface without impurities, no jumper, or leak;
  • Whether the weight of the fabric is guaranteed, one square meter of cloth can be cut for weighing.
  • The sewing thread on the cloth is straight, without a jumper, leakage, and excessive thread end. 
woven fabric

2. Knot: the knot is hand-woven, and the rope is thick and large, which is the more guaranteed bearing capacity.

knot rope

3. If there are stretches of wood on both sides of the hammock, the wood is polished smooth without the thorn of flattering and stabbing hands.

4. normal hammock has 12 pairs of ropes on each side.

end rope

5. Finally, the most important thing is the bearing weight, such as whether it can reach 100kgs or 200kgs, etc provided by the supplier.

The above points of view can provide you with the key points for reference in the bulk inspection of the order. Only good quality can reach your final customers and get 100% satisfaction.

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