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How is a Hammock’s Loading Capacity Tested?


A fall can only be good when it is in love but from a hammock? Nah! A fall from your hammock is not just embarrassing, but dangerous too. You can break a bone or get a scar from falling from your hammock.

You may be unable to prevent falls caused by rolling off of the hammock while sleeping. However, you can prevent falls from damaged hammock material or installation kit.

To do this, you need to get a hammock that has been properly tested and its load capacity confirmed. It is true that your hammock has a weight limit, but is it properly tested?

If you get a hammock whose loading capacity is not properly tested, you will be risking your safety and that of every other person using the hammock.

We know your question right now will be, “How is hammock loading capacity tested?” How will I know they tested right? Calm your nerves, we will be looking at that right away.

So, we will be explaining how to test the loading capacity of a hammock. This is not mainly for you to test, but for you to look out for in any brand you will purchase from.

Before we look at how a hammock’s loading capacity is tested, we will first consider the different hammock sizes and capacities that we have.

Sizes of  Hammocks

We have two sizes of hammock and they are:

1. Single hammock

2. Double Hammocks.

1. Single hammock: This is the type of hammock that is made for one person. It is ideal for lone backpackers and campers as it has less weight and is easy to carry about.

The load capacity of single hammocks ranges from 300 to 400 pounds, with the lightest at 250 pounds.

There is no generic load capacity for hammocks. What we have here are the ranges and not the exact load capacity. So the one you might decide to buy could be anything in-between.

2. Double hammocks:  It’s mostly used by families and couples.  It gives the space to cuddle and share some special moments.

It may not be convenient to carry about. So, It is not ideal for single campers and backpackers. Double hammocks have a capacity of 350 to 500 pounds. with the lightest weighing 350 pounds.

Now that you know the types of hammocks we have, let’s take a look at how these hammock load capacities are tested.

hammock with mosquito net

Testing a hammock’s loading capacity


In testing a hammock loading capacity, the test organization needs the following:

The hammock.

Hammock kits.

Weight units in pounds

Step 1.

The test organization would have to set up the hammock as if it were ready for use. The materials for suspending the hammock include rope, strap, eye bolts with hooks, chains, etc. Alternatively, the organization can suspend it between two trees, two walls, from a ceiling,  or a hammock stand.

Step 2.

Then, bit by bit, the test organization will add weight to the hammock till it fails. They would have to repeat this process to determine the exact load limit of the hammock.

Step 3.

After determining the load limit, the test organization will place material on the hammock. The material should have a weight capacity that is 100-150% higher than the hammock’s weight capacity stated in the sales package.

For example, if the sales package states that the hammock has a load capacity of 100kgs, the test organization should test the hammock with material weighing 200-250kg.

The testing is done by swaying, swinging, and rocking the hammock to determine its accurate load capacity.

With this type of testing done, when the kit says it has a limit of 300 pounds, you will be sure it is not a false value. Remember that whatever loading capacity you see on the hammock is the static capacity.

Double or single?

A single hammock is suitable for just one person, while a double hammock is for more than one person. A double hammock has a higher loading capacity. Note that:

(a) Double hammocks give you sufficient space to stretch out and relax. It can accommodate your pillow, blanket, and even your dog or teddy comfortably. It is made for two people, but one person can have a good time on it as well.

(b) You never know when you’ll come across a buddy, do you? You can meet a friend on your way to the park and end up spending time with him. Would you prefer to relax in your hammock while your friend sits on the hard park bench? So, if you want to have extra space on your hammock, you can consider a double hammock.

Hammock companies promote single hammocks because they know that there is a probability for buyers to opt for a single hammock the first time they buy a hammock. However, once you use your single hammock for a while, you probably will want to go for the double hammock.

If you want a hammock with a higher loading capacity, opt for a double hammock.

rope hammock 1


Yes, you made the right choice to check this article before buying a hammock. Now that you have been equipped with information, you would do well to make the right buying decision.

It is quite important to note the size of the hammock before you buy it. This is to avoid sustaining injuries or even getting a hammock that is not durable.

Also, inquire about the testing process of the industry or brand before you buy. Buy from a reliable and reputable brand like Jaunty Leisure to avoid regrets and double expenses. Jaunty Leisure is always there to give you durable hammocks; the types that suit your taste.

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