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Hammocks offer several benefits that you would not want to miss. However, you need to properly hang your hammock before using it. This can be daunting, especially if you are a new user. 

If you don’t properly hang your hammock, it poses a threat to your safety and the hammock’s durability. Hence, the need to get it right!

To properly hang a hammock, one frequently asked, “how high should a hammock be off the ground.” You wouldn’t want your hammock to be too high or too low. Would you?

Various hammock suppliers have given different directives in answering this question about how high a hammock should be off the ground. This makes it even more difficult to know the exact perfect height. 

However, this article will explain how high a hammock should be off the ground for your safety. 

Let’s get started!

wooden bar hammock

How high does the hammock hang off the ground?

Generally, the distance between the ground and a hammock should not be less than Eighteen inches. It makes it easy for you to get in and out of your hammock. 

However, a hammock with spreader bars should be hung about one or two feet above the ground. A non-spreader bar hammock should be hung about two to three feet above the ground. 

Note that various factors can affect the height of a hammock. And so, it is important to consider these factors before setting up your hammock.

Let’s take a snapshot of a few of these factors.

5 Factors That Can Affect The Hanging Height Of A Hammock

Several factors can make the height of a hammock differ from the usual height.

1. Purpose of the hammock.

The purpose a hammock will serve affects its hanging height. For instance, if you want to use a hammock permanently indoors for sitting, it should be so high enough that you can sit on it with your toes touching the ground. 

2. Where do you want to hang the hammock?

When you are deciding on the height of your hammock, you should take note of where you would be using the hammock. If you are using a hammock in a hilly location, the hammock’s height should be low.

 If you are in a swampy area, you should hang your hammock higher than usual. 

3. Type of hammock and the suspension system

It is essential to understand how flexible your hammock is and its type of hanging system. Hammocks with spreader bars are usually 1 to 2 ft above the ground. The highest attainable height for a hammock without spreader bars is about 2 to 3 ft.

4. User’s guide

The best way to be safe is to follow the hammock user’s guide. However, most manufacturers suggest that a hammock should not be less than 18 inches above the ground.

5. User’s height

The height of the hammock’s user is also another essential factor in determining the hanging height of a hammock. A hammock should be above your waist level. That is considered safe. It is not suitable if the height of a hammock goes above your height.

Camping hammock

Types of hammocks and their hanging heights

The hanging height for a spreader bar and non-spreader bar hammock should be about 40% – 50% and 25% – 33% of the total length of the hammock, respectively.

Non-spreader Bar Hammocks

Non-spreader bar hammocks are designed to be a little loose when hung. They take the shape of a banana. 

The hanging height of this type of hammock should be approximately 0.5 times the distance between the two hanging points. For example, if the suspension distance is 2.5m, the hanging height would approximately be 1.25m. 

Spreader Bar Hammocks

You need to hang this type of hammock tightly. A spreader bar hammock must be fully tight before you sit or lay on it. The tighter the hammock, the more comfortable it is. 

Approximately, the hanging height should be 0.333 times the distance between the hanging points. For example, if the distance between the hanging points is 4.5m, the hanging height should be about 1.50m. 

Note that:

If the whole hanging technique is unclear to you, you can use a hammock hang calculator to save stress. 

A hammock hang calculator helps to hang a hammock properly. Below are the quick steps to take when using a hammock hang calculator. 

●      Measure the length of your hammock and its ridgeline.

A ridgeline length is a distance between the two ends of a hammock after achieving the perfect hammock sag. It is mostly 82% to 85% of the hammock’s length.

●      Calculate the distance between your trees

This depends on the length of the hammock. However, ensure that the distance between the trees allows the hammock to have a natural curve. 

●      Determine your most preferred height

 It depends on the intended use of the hammock. Importantly, ensure that your hammock is not so high that it is hard to get into. Also, do not make it so low that your body weight will cause the hammock to touch the ground. 

●      Know your ideal hang angle

This is mostly 30 degrees. This allows your spine to take its natural posture. 

●      Input your weight

If more than a person will be using a hammock, calculate the maximum weight that will be occupying the hammock at a go. 

●      Enter these data into the calculator

Then, it will guide you on how high you should fix your anchor points. 

Tip: The further apart your anchors are, the higher you should hang your hammock.  

Final thoughts

How high should a hammock be off the ground? Well, the perfect height is the height you are comfortable with. However, the above factors will help you to decide the ideal suspension height for your hammock. 

For your enjoyment and safety, ensure that your hammock is not less than 18 inches above the ground.

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