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Hammocks are a great choice, both for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it to rest or sleep at home. Also, you can use it when camping.

There are different kinds of hammocks. So, you probably want to know the factors to consider when getting a hammock. Right?

Well, there are certain things you should note when purchasing hammocks. This article will show you the buying guides for choosing hammocks. 

Things to consider when purchasing hammocks

Size of the hammock

Reason for getting the hammock

Fabric thickness

Length of the hammock

Ease in setting up

Weather and season you will be using them.

cotton hammock

Size of the hammock:

You should consider the size of the hammock you want to buy. One thing that determines the size of a hammock is the width. There are two sizes of hammocks:

— Single hammocks: They have a width range of 2.6-3.3 feet and a weight of 300-400 pounds. 

If you prefer lightweight hammocks when backpacking, consider buying this type of hammock.

Note that single hammocks are not as spacious as double hammocks. However, you will still have enough space to stretch your body. 

— Double hammocks: They have a range of 4.6-4.9 feet in width and a weight of 400-500 pounds. If you prefer spacious hammocks, this type of hammock is your go-to.

Also, if two people or campers will be using the hammock at a time, consider getting this hammock.

If you are camping with your family on one hammock at a time, consider buying an extra-large hammock. This type of hammock has a 300kg weight and can accommodate four people concurrently.

Consider the reason for getting the hammock:

If you are getting a hammock for backpacking, you will need a lightweight hammock. So, you can consider getting single hammocks. You can also get hammocks with fibers made with small thread sizes.

For a lightweight hammock, consider getting one made with cotton materials. Always keep your hammock indoors when you are not using it to increase its durability.

Also, purchasing a hammock made with nylon is a good choice. A parachute nylon hammock is strong and durable. 

A hammock made with canvas or yarn may not be preferable if you want a lightweight hammock. Hammocks with heavy-duty metal stands may be pretty heavy and difficult to carry.

On the other hand, if you are getting a hammock with wooden bars for camping, you will need a durable hammock. Consider getting a double hammock or a hammock with fiber made with high denier. You can also consider getting a hammock made with polyester ropes.

• Check the fabric thickness of the hammock: The size of threads woven into the hammock’s fabric determines the fabric thickness. At Jaunty Leisure, we use the GMS (Grams for Square meter), usually between 300g-320g.

For nylon or polyester materials, the larger the number of warp and weft yarns per square inch, the denser and thicker the fabric becomes. We use the 210T thickness. This connotes that the total number of warp and weft yarns per square inch is 210.

travel hammock

Consider the length of the hammock:

Most hammocks have the same length. However, you should check if the hammock is at least 2 feet longer than your height. 

Consider if it is easy to set up:

Check to see if the hammock has carabiners that you will use to set it up. Also, check to see if the hammock comes with straps.

Remember to get extra tree straps for suspending the hammock. The belt should be 0.75 inches wide to avoid damage to the pole or bark. Avoid using thin straps.

Consider the weather and season you will be using the hammock:

If you are camping during the rainy season, consider buying a hammock with a rain tarp. Ensure the tarp is quite large to protect your hammock from the rain. 

It is preferable if the hammock is made with cotton ropes. This is because cotton dries quickly and is not susceptible to mildew. Confirm that the cotton has not been dyed or treated with chemicals before; cotton makes the hammock natural and comfortable to use.

You can consider buying a separate tarp if the hammock has no rain tarp. Perhaps you will be using the hammock on a campsite filled with mosquitoes. In such a case, you should purchase a bug net. 

If you are using the hammock on a cold campsite, consider getting an underquilt when buying a hammock. You can wrap your body in the under quilt to prevent cold from getting into you.

If you intend to use the hammock with wooden bars during hot summer days, it will be better if you get a hammock made with polyester fabric. They do not fade in color quickly and are weather-resistant.

Other considerations include:

 Always check the hammock’s weight capacity to see that it is not less than your body weight. Choose hammocks with a weight capacity that is above your weight.

 If you prefer an aesthetic hammock, consider getting a hammock with mixed colors. Be sure to confirm the quality, though.

 If you want a hammock with better airflow, check to confirm that woven material is used to produce the hammock. Woven materials allow for easy ventilation of the hammock. Preferably, the hammock should have more loops on the weave, ensuring the hammock has good airflow.

lightweight camping hammock


You will agree that there are different things to consider when buying hammocks. The most suitable hammock for you depends on what you want.

At Jaunty Leisure, we deliver all kinds of hammocks suitable for your different needs. You can count on us.

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