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I miss the days of swinging in the park when it was hot – with mom and dad, you just had to sit your butt on the swing like a little princess or a little prince, and they would steer for us for free.

With a strong hand push, we swing high with the swing and quickly fall; the cool summer breeze from all sides of the race over, at that moment, feel like the world’s happiest people!

But as we grow older, swinging this pleasure is also getting farther and farther away from us; even if you want to play, now many parks recreational facilities are only left with the elderly fitness equipment, swing this thing that has brought us countless joy seems to have become the eyes of most people in the last century “antique.”

Please, want to let the swing set from our world completely disappear?

Since the swing in public places has become less and less, we are in their own homes to recreate!

hanging chair 5

They are hanging chairs in addition to relaxation. What else is used?

For the design of the space is relatively bland residential, hanging chairs can increase the space to a certain extent the sense of hierarchy, and from the point of view of soft furnishings, hanging chairs can also be used as an excellent decorative object embellished home, if the color or shape and home decorating style with appropriate, for the overall effect of soft furnishings will also play a multiplier effect.

  • Scandinavian everything with the pine of the original wood and the warm texture of fabric products
  • Hanging chairs are no exception.
  • Nestled inside with a cup of coffee is a day of leisure time.

Don’t just take into account your own adult world’s pleasure needs. Children’s rooms also need this soft to decorate. Give children a different kind of exciting childhood.

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A thousand homes can have a thousand different styles of hanging chairs, but there are the following considerations before installing a chair.

To ensure the safety and reliability of the hanging chair, the chair must be installed on the steel composite structure layer. If installed on the roof of the wooden structure, first consider whether the wooden beam can withstand about 400 pounds of weight, because, in use, the shaking will lead to the rise of gravity, so the installation site must be solid and sturdy and then strong.

Then install the chair after it? The most important thing is the maintenance of the rope. Remember to regularly check the stability of the string linked to the chair. Once found cracks or wear aging, there is a risk of pulling off. It would help if you changed one, do not be afraid of trouble, so as not to occur unnecessary accidents.
rope hanging chair

Since the birth of the chair, it has been labeled “literary,” “romantic,” and “leisure.” Its appearance is the expression of the younger generation’s lifestyle and attitude. It brings experience, and an attitude toward the good life aspired to.

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