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  1. A lightweight (but sturdy) portable hammock.

There is nothing like being in the middle of nowhere, lying in a hammock and drifting off or resting your eyes. Weather permitting, I occasionally spend the night in a hammock.


2. Magnesium rod

Using it to light a firewood fire will make making a fire a ritual.

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3. Matches used in storms

Very cheap, but it will be helpful when we are in the field when it is windy and rainy.


4. Water filters for purifying water from lakes, streams, and other natural sources.

A filter purifier can filter about 1,000 liters (do not filter heavily polluted water), is small in size, lightweight, and usually can be directly in the role of the bottle. For those who plan to camp for a long time, it is a necessary tool for life-saving.


5. A large water bottle with sufficient capacity

In wilderness camping, garbage cans are not available everywhere. A large water bottle that replaces a plastic mineral water bottle will always be a positive environmental protection.

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6. A pair of beach waders

When talking with friends around the campfire at night, change into a pair of lightweight beach shoes to avoid cutting the soles of your feet in the wilderness while getting as close to nature as possible.

7. A versatile knife

There are many unexpected places when camping that requires using gadgets, cutting grass, opening cans, opening beer bottles, and grilling kebabs.


8. Egg protector

A must-have for a successful breakfast.


9. Storage box

Very easy to carry, you will not forget any items.


10. Headlamp

When setting up the tent at night, hands are not free to take the lighting equipment, a vital night aid.


11. Soap flakes

Small and easy to store, hands get dirty and greasy quickly when camping.


12. Living water storage bucket

When camping, many links require the use of non-potable water and having a water storage bucket can be used for domestic water.


13. Outdoor Shower

Usually, after setting up your tent and camp, you are already sweaty and it feels great to take a simple shower.


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